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Your Fingerprint on Anxiety Journal


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Your Fingerprint on Anxiety

A Journal By Clarinda Brandão

Are you or do you know someone living with anxiety? 


Many of my clients see me about anxiety-related issues and describe it as a weight that pulls them down or stops them from moving forward in life. As symptoms differ from individual to individual, there is no one simple remedy for anxiety. Treating and managing it requires you to first recognize the symptoms and to look inward to take steps towards positive change. 


In my personal practice, I encourage clients to maintain a journal in order to help them create a stronger sense of self, familiarize themselves with personal triggers, and, ultimately, make sense of their own anxiety. 


I’ve seen, first-hand, the power and progressive effect journaling has.  


As a result, I’m excited to introduce Your Fingerprint on Anxiety - a three-month journal designed to help you set goals, rebuild your internal dialogue, and get on the path to removing the weight you’ve been carrying around for far too long. 


Here’s what the Your Fingerprint on Anxiety journal includes:


  • Helpful tips and information on anxiety

  • Tools & exercises

  • Self-care calendar

  • Three-month daily log to help manage and understand your

  • anxiety

... and more.


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To avoid paying for shipping, please email and request one of our journals and we can have one available for pick up at our office.  

1719 Bloor St. W.  Toronto, Ontario

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Total $39.14 


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