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Career Support Servies

Did you know that the average person changes jobs roughly 12 times in their lifetime? We offer the following career support services to assist individuals during these transitional periods whether they are seeking a career change or just want to be in a better position to make one when/if the time comes. Our career coach will work with you to understand your needs and ensure that you have the tools and resources that you need in order to move through any stage of the process and find a satisfying and fulfilling career.

Our services include:

  • Career change support

    • How to prepare for a career change

    • What to consider before changing careers

    • Help in finding desired career

  • Resume services

    • Resume writing

    • Resume review

    • Resume editing

  • Job interview preparation

    • Mock interviews

    • Interview question models and methodology

    • Understanding the roles of the interviewers and the interviewee (aka candidate)

  • Job search support

    • How to effectively search for a job

    • Do’s and don’t of applying to job postings

    • Job search support.


If you don’t see the area of support you need listed above please reach out to our career coach John Profiti for a consultation to see if we can fit your needs!

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