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Working With Couples

Building a stronger connection

Every relationship requires work. We are all individuals with different backgrounds, beliefs, past experiences, and perspectives. It's natural for even the most fulfilling, strong couples to experience speed bumps. But sometimes, differences or situations cannot be resolved between two people. Seeking the help of a therapist may be required to uncover the root causes of conflict, encourage communication, restore intimacy, and reconnect as a couple. Couple's counselling helps you make sense of the issues plaguing your relationship, learn to listen to one another, and create and implement a plan to restore your connection in a healthy way.


Some of the reasons couples seek  therapy include: 


  • Fighting or Miscommunication

  • Reconnection

  • Infidelity

  • Starting a family

  • Parenting or children

  • Finance or Money

  • Illness or Loss in the family

  • Lack of intimacy

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