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You asked... We Listened! 

After the launch of the Fingerprint on Anxiety Personalized Toolkit, we had several people ask if we could create a generalized toolkit to give to their friends or family members as gifts.  It only made sense that we take the time to develop a box that would help manage anxiety, but also provide tools and tips to help better understand the individual's anxiety.


In the generalized version of the Anxiety Toolkit 2.0, you will find:

Affirmation Cards, self-care calendar, exercises, worksheets and tools to better understand your triggers and make sense of your anxiety.


How is the Fingerprint on Anxiety Personalized Toolkit different from the generalized version?

Both toolkits are similar; however, the personalized toolkit requires a short questionnaire to be completed and submitted to help our experts create a box that is specific to you.  The personalized kit also includes items such as oils, colouring material, bath salts, tea bags and other wellness products that fit your wellness journey.  The generalized box will contain the same tools and exercises, however, we've added even more exercises and anxiety tools!  The generalized toolkit does not include the wellness products.


The generalized toolkit is perfect to give as a gift or to be used in anxiety groups or programs.


How do you get a generalized toolkit?

You can purchase one online here or in our Toronto centre location


With the Generalized toolkit, this is a one-time purchase as well and it will be shipped within 24-48 hours of purchase.


What will be in my generalized toolkit?

Some items to look forward to in your kit are...

  • Self Care tips & tools

  • Anxiety exercises and worksheets

  • Affirmation Cards

  • Therapy Cards

  • 30 Day Challenge

  • Wallet-Size "Managing Anxiety" Plan

  • ... and more!



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