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Mental Health Corporate Workshops

Mental Health in the Workplace

Some of our talks include:

Dealing With Anxiety & Stress In The Workplace: Strategies and Coping Skills for Mental Wellness

Conflict Resolution - Effective Communication & Interpersonal Behaviour Workshop for the Workplace

How to manage and work with employees dealing with mental illness (2 hrs) - For Managers/Supervisors

How to manage and work with co-workers dealing with mental illness (2 hrs)  - For Staff

Dealing with grief in the workplace - for Staff and Management 

(group or individual sessions).

Mental Health in School

Some of our talks include:

How to manage and work with youth with mental illness - For Staff/Teachers

Dealing with anxiety and mental illness - For students

*All our talks and workshops are open for collaboration and specific additions.

** Have a topic or interested in a workshop not listed here?  Tell us about it!

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