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Hosted: November 30, 2022

Length: 1hr 03 mins


Girls and women with ADHD remain significantly underdiagnosed and undertreated globally, due to a lack of awareness, training and research. This is placing some of our most vulnerable people at risk for the well-known poor outcomes associated with untreated and missed ADHD diagnoses. This presentation will highlight the need to make this problem front and centre in women’s health, from the surprising mortality rate, co-occurring conditions and the frustrating under-employment effect, heartbreaking effects on couples, the parenting experience and relationship problems throughout life. Christina will show you how to finally connect the dots and get the integrated health care you need to reclaim your life.

Christina Crowe is a Registered Psychotherapist (Ontario, Canada), entrepreneur and relentless mental health advocate. Christina is the founder of Dig a Little Deeper.

Christina has been regularly interviewed by local news outlets, podcasts and professional association websites. Christina’s advocacy work includes serving as a board member for OAMHP, and the Advocacy committee for CADDRA (the national physician alliance for ADHD). Christina has written both peer-reviewed and blog articles on the intersection of mental health and cancer, and on burnout in oncology health care professionals.


Christina’s spare time is spent finding new ways to hang out with her three sons and husband, and as much time as possible on the back of a horse.



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ADHD in Girls & Women - A primer on reclaiming your life

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