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Menopause and Mental Health - It’s not all in your head
Speaker Dr. Laurie Alpert
March 23, 2023| 1hr 11mins

Menstruators face unique mental health challenges in the years leading up to and throughout menopause and unfortunately many continue to suffer in silence.  The influence of hormones on mental health is well established but not yet well supported.  Suffering associated with menstruation and menopause has been normalised to the point that most menstruators believe they have few or no options, while stigma around both menopause and mental health challenges persist.  Women between the ages of forty to sixty report the highest rates of depression above any other age or gender group.  Anxiety also increases during this time contributing to burnout, sleep disturbances, and other physical manifestations. This talk will address important social and physiological influences on mental health specific to this time of life and identify evidence based intervention options so you can have more confidence, clarity, and choice to effectively support your mental health leading up to and throughout menopause.


Dr. Laurie Alpert ND NCMP offers women who do it all effective integrative and transformative health care that allows them to fully show up in midlife with confidence, clarity, and choice. Her mission is to shift the experience for hard working women away from self-sacrifice and hormonal suffering that has been normalised beyond recognition, to a life of strength and hormonal harmony.  As a NAMS (North American Menopause Society) Certified Menopause Practitioner she enjoys supporting women through their midlife hormonal transition by combining up to date evidence based information, goal setting, and shared decision making. Drawing from her years of practice as a naturopathic doctor, and combining extensive research into sleep, hormones, menopause, and mental health, she guides perimenopausal women who feel confused or overwhelmed by their symptoms back into a life full of strength, confidence, and connection.

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