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John Profiti

Registered Corporate Coach | Career Coach 

John has been working in the corporate leadership for over ten years and has experience in retail and financial services leading many diverse teams with up to 45 individuals under his report. John has attended several courses and workshops with a focus on leadership, diversity, inclusion, communication and subconscious bias that focus on a range of corporate environments and has extensive experience working within the Gallup model for employee engagement. His approach to leadership prioritizes personal wellbeing. 


As a career coach, John will work with you to identify your unique strengths and empower you to leverage these to overcome any obstacles that are inhibiting you from achieving your career development goals. Additionally, your work with John will also incorporate the objectives of your organization and give you the tools to optimize your performance in order to achieve your goals in tandem with those of your organization.

John believes in a relational approach that partners with you on a foundation of safety and trust. In addition to his corporate experience, John is also eager to work with individuals who work in creative fields as he plays several instruments and has performed in many different musical groups. He has been formally educated at The Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada and Brandon University, focusing on classical guitar and jazz trumpet. 


John is excited to begin working with you to achieve the very best in your careers and believes that being our authentic selves allows us to bring the best to everything that we do.


To book an appointment or learn more, please email

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