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Self Care... Making Time For You!

We often forget an important part of our mental health and that is our self care. Self care is important because it allows you to take time for you and refresh/reboot. When we are constantly worried, stressed or too busy to pause, we become drained and begin to feel empty. Over time, this will only increase your anxiety, panic attacks and even depression.

By incorporating self care into your daily life, you are actually helping yourself. Over time it will impact how you see yourself and your anxious feelings.

What does self care look like? This is an individual need, which means, you create what your self care looks like for you. What provides you pleasure?

Take an empty calendar. This is your self care calendar only. Then start by putting 1-2 things a week (the first month) of things you would consider self care. Place the calendar somewhere visual for you. This will help create anticipation of something to look forward to. As well as, remind you of putting some time into you. On the second month, increase the amount of self care a week to 2-3 times.

I know it sounds like there is no time, but it doesn't have to be something that takes an hour or two... Sometimes even a few minutes can have a big impact.

Some ideas of self care:

  • Exercise

  • Going for a walk or a bike ride

  • Meeting up with a friend for a social outing

  • Yoga and/or meditation

  • Reading

  • Run a Bath

  • Cook your favourite meal

  • Write in your journal

  • Have a movie night

  • Listen to music

  • Quiet time

  • Sign up for a fun activity or sport

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