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We've created a generalized Toolkit! Check it out!

Many of our clients see us about anxiety-related issues and describe it as a weight that pulls them down or stops them from moving forward in their life. As symptoms differ from individual to individual, there is no one simple remedy for anxiety. Treating and managing it requires you to first recognize the symptoms and to look inward to take steps towards positive change


In our personal practice, we have created unique exercises and tools to help you create a stronger sense of self, familiarize yourself with personal triggers, and, ultimately, make sense of your own anxiety. 


Anxiety may sometimes look the same, but it’s often different for each one of us.


As a result, we are excited to introduce the Fingerprint on Anxiety Toolkit!  It only made sense that the tools, tips and wellness products be adjusted to You!

What is a Fingerprint on Anxiety Toolkit?

It is a personalized toolkit with tips, tools & helpful wellness products to help you manage your anxiety and mental wellness. All our tools and helpful exercises are deigned and created by a Registered Psychotherapist based on your individual needs. 

Is it gender or age specific?

Since each toolkit is personalized for your individual needs - gender, age and other specifics are taken into consideration when putting together your toolkit.  At this time, only adult kits are available; however, we are launching the Kids Toolkits in February 2018. If you want us to contact you once the Kid's Toolkit are available, please email us.

How do you get one?

You can purchase one online here! Or in Toronto at our centre location


Once you've purchased a box, you will receive an email with a link to complete a detailed questionnaire (This will take between 5-10 minutes to complete).  The questionnaire is designed to help us create the right anxiety toolkit for you.  All answers are confidential and only reviewed by Clarinda Brandao, Registered Psychotherapist.  Clarinda will assess and evaluate your therapeutic needs and will put together the best tools for your personal wellness.   

What will be in my Toolkit?

Some items to look forward to in your kit are...

  • Self Care tips & tools

  • Anxiety exercises

  • A variety of wellness products specific for your wellness needs

  • Personalized therapeutic tools and exercises

  • ... and more!


How long until is arrives after it's ordered?
Your Fingerprint on Anxiety Toolkit will be mailed 2-3 weeks after the questionnaire has been submitted.  

If you live in the Toronto area, you can pick up your toolkit 48-72 hours after questionnaire has been submitted. You will receive an email when it's ready.

Are you or someone you know living with anxiety? 
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