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Real Love Takes Time

We often catch ourselves rushing into relationships and somewhere down the line, we want it to grow into something big and fast. But let's just put the breaks for a minute and think about why it's so important to rush into something even when it doesn't feel right.

People often settle because they don't think they deserve better or they give up on looking for better. But most often, they're giving up on themselves. In order to meet the right person, you have to be the right person for you.

Take time to get know you first: who are you. what do you want and need. where do you want to be. how do you want to get there. and why.


Yet, our own experiences, patterns and behaviours can sometimes sabotage our view of ourselves, causing us to settle or get into unhealthy relationships and begin to feel stuck.

We attract what we think we need or deserve, but when we're entangled in our own self worth, we lose ourselves and end up wondering how we got so far off track.

For those out of a long term Relationship:

Give yourself some time to heal after a long relationship. Everyone needs different amount of time, but remember that for a number of years you've been a couple and now you need to understand what it's like to be an individual.

For those meeting the wrong person and in repetitive negative relationships:

There is something about you that is looking for something in partners that is unhealthy. Learning to understand yourself and your inner triggers and patterns, will have you filling the voids you desperately are searching for in the wrong people.

If you're stuck in a bad relationship or looking for a relationship and finding it hard to reach out, contact me. I can help you discover yourself and in turn you will begin to understand yourself better and be more self aware and find the right person for you.

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