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How To Date As a Single Parent

Being a single parent is already a hard enough task all on it's own... add dating to the mix and it feels almost impossible. But it can be done. Meeting the right person to accept you and your child is a big deal. Enormous one, really. It's not something to take lightly and should be done with a lot of thought.

4 simple rules on dating as a single parent:

Rule #1: Be upfront that you are a parent. I don't mean your first initial conversation, but let it be known sooner rather than later. You want the other person to be aware of what dating you includes. Plus, you'll also want to make sure how they feels about it.

Rule #2: If someone says that children are a deal breaker, don't push it. Let them go. They're not ready to fill that role as your partner and you want someone who will accept that part you.

Rule #3: Make time. Many single parents have guilt about going on a date and leaving their child with a loved one or babysitter. You have to go out and socialize too. There is nothing wrong with doing something makes you happy. A happy parent, is a good parent.

Rule #4: Though I don't encourage texting and online as a method of building a relationship - it's ok to keep it flowing between dates by texting and emailing - even phone conversations after your little one is in bed or even playing. Since as a single parent your time is limited, find ways to keep connected in between dates. (Just don't rely on that method solely as "dating").

There comes a lot of pressure with getting back into the world of dating and meeting someone that will connect with you and your children down the road. Just remember that your a woman/man too... not just a parent. You have many great qualities along side of being a parent and it's ok to let those show.

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