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7 Ways To Start Your Morning Right

Mornings can be difficult for some of us; however, a good start to your morning helps layout your whole day. What most of us don't realize is starting off with a chaotic morning, can actually increase your stress levels and anxiety throughout the day. One of the top lists I work on with clients is building their morning routine. Everyone has different needs and different morning routines, but these tips always make it on the list!

1. Blinds and curtains are great; however, if you know you'll be having an early start to your day, make sure to leave the curtains or blinds slightly open to allow a bit of sun to shine in. Waking up in a dark room makes it harder to get up and start your day.

2. Stretching in the morning can help release your muscles. It's a great way to energize the morning and ease away any stress or tension from the previous day or a funky sleeping position. Get the blood flowing and get your day going!

3. Read something positive or think of something positive. Positive self talk is so essential in our everyday lives, starting with positive self talk helps manage the negative dialogue you're accustomed to reciting. You can use a motivational mantra that provides a meditation-like burst, or read or recite a poem/quote that helps you focus.

4. Play some music. For some people music is a 'pick-me-up'. Turn on the tunes and dance and get your body moving (especially if you skipped the stretching - though I recommend both). Or slow it down and play something that is uplifting and gets your mind charged. Shake up your morning!

5. For the coffee lovers, make yourself a cup of coffee. The smell alone can help kick-start your brain and get you moving. Enjoying a favourite beverage like coffee or tea is a good way to set yourself up. If you're lucky and have the instant coffee makers that work on a timer, even better, have the aroma of your favourite brew wake you up.

6. Water and lemon. We've all heard how drinking a glass of lemon water is a great way to aid your digestion and boost your Vitamin C level. Plus, many other healthy benefits! If you don't like the taste of lemon, a simple large glass of water is great! 7. Review your day. Whether it's a calendar on your phone or a big sized calendar in your kitchen, look it over and plan your day with a cup of coffee/tea in hand. By reviewing your day you will feel more in control and less anxious or stressed. Remember that these tips are meant to work great with a calm and relaxed attitude. Try not to rush through them, in fact, if it's easier, set your alarm clock a few minutes earlier than usual to give you ample time to enjoy your morning routine and get your morning starting off right!

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