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Parenting Question Answered: Boobie Blues

Q: I stopped breastfeeding and I unexpectedly feel sad. The Boobie Bar is closed and though I was ready after almost 18 months, I feel kind of sad. I was not expecting that.

A: That's very normal. While you're breastfeeding your hormones are still "wacky" and haven't really settled back yet to pre-pregnancy. Shortly after you stop breast feeding it is normal to feel sad...

This can happen for numerous reasons. But just remember your hormones are beginning to go back to "normal" and you'll be on an emotional rollercoaster (similar as to when you were pregnant and your hormones were adjusting). Also, this is very similar to the feeling some moms feel a few days after birth, they go into a deep slope of sadness that lasts a short while. Your hormones play a huge part during all this.

In addition, the emotional connection you had while breastfeeding can make you feel a sense of loss once you stop. Breastfeeding is a special bond between you and your little one. Just remember that the bond will never go away and you will find other ways to share that closeness. Mommies who never breastfeed still share a bond in other ways, bottle feeding, cuddling, etc.

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