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Fun & Unique Date Ideas This Valentine's Day

Dinner, movie, drinks... we've all done it. But maybe this Valentine's Day it can be a little different. Plus, thinking outside of the box will give you some additional points.

Here are some great fun and unique date ideas that you and your date can enjoy!

Dance Class. Whether you're doing the tango, salsa or swing, you'll be getting up close and personal.

Cooking Class. Sign up for a cooking class and enjoy the experience of working together. A great way to get a feel for how you both can work as a team. Plus, you'll have a delicious meal in the end.

Picnic. Just like the movies, a picnic is a perfect date idea. It's intimate and casual. (Unless where you are is in the middle of winter).

Comedy Show. Casual and fun. Who doesn't enjoy a good laugh?

Board Games. I know what you're thinking. But there are actual places now that have board games. It's fun and nothing wrong with being a little competitive. You can also have a stay-in date with a board game, finger foods and wine.

Walk. Enjoying a nice walk by the water or park path is a perfect way to focus on your date and enjoy the view and fresh air.

Skating. Hot chocolate in one hand and your partners in the other is probably one of the most romantic things you can do with your partner.

Rock Climbing. If you are both athletic people who enjoy doing sporty things, rock climbing is fun and can be challenging (in a good way).

Theatre. Go see a show. An interactive play can be a lot of fun. if you're too shy for the interactive plays, check out a local play or a popular show.

Local Band. Check out a local band in your area. Live music is always fun. Though there isn't much room for talking, incorporate dinner first.

Brew Your Own Beer. or wine. Yes, this is actually available and a lot of fun!

Wine Tasting. There are beautiful vineyards that offer wine tasting and a tour of the estates.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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