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Quality Time For A Healthier Relationship

With our busy schedules, it's sometimes hard to make time for our partners. People's routine is often about coming home and wanting to just shut down from their day with catching up on social media, playing games on their phone or television, watching TV or just wanting to be alone; however, over time this will impact their partner's emotional needs and connection. This doesn't mean you can't do that sometimes, but finding time for you and your partner from time to time is essential for a healthy relationship.

Couples often complain about feeling disconnected or unwanted in their relationship. however, quality time off your phone and away from the television can actually be exactly what you need to reconnect with your partner and yourself.

Quality time will also allow both of you to grow and develop together and individually. This is an important part of a partnership. I often tell clients, relationships aren't meant to make you happy, they're meant to add to your happiness. Relationships are meant to help you grow and develop as a person. To feel connected.

So what does quality time look like with your partner?

A romantic dinner: Make your favourite meal (together or for your partner). Add candle light, music and make it romantic.

Play board games: Put on some music and bring out a board game. Being a little competitive can be fun and will have you both laughing and playfully teasing each other.

Go on a first date: Do you remember your first date? Recreate it. If you went to watch a movie, rent the movie you watched on that day, make some popcorn and have a night in.

Go for a walk or bike ride: Enjoy the outdoors and go for a bike ride or walk by the water or your neighbourhood. Picnic: A picnic is always a nice way to enjoy two great things - outdoors and food. Pack a small lunch or early dinner and head to the park. Cook dinner together: Make your favourite dish together (all courses if you have time and feel adventurous.)

Music & wine: Play some music and have a glass of wine (or other beverage) while engaging in conversation. Turn off the internet: It's a tough one, but unplug for a while.

Look at the stars: Go out in the evening on a clear day and look up at the stars. Pay attention to the quietness and the calmness around you. Have a bath: It can be fun and/or relaxing to have a bath or shower together. The jar: Have a jar where you both leave notes for each other throughout the week (different coloured paper for each) and read one to each other daily or weekly. The notes can be favourite things about your partner, things you love to do with your partner and/or sexy notes. Read a bedtime story: Read a story or poetry to your partner before they go to bed or maybe in the evening when you both have found some down time.

Have sex: Being intimate is an important part of your relationship. You can be creative with oil or other playful sexual tools or keep it simple and enjoy each other.

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